Hong Kong Government responds to TIP Report 2014

Following the 20th June release of the  U.S. State Department’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report 2014, the Hong Kong government expressed particular disagreement over the report’s statement that Hong Kong “is a destination and transit and source territory for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour." ...

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Putting Faces to Data

Being able to meet face to face with boy survivors of trafficking was the most impacting aspect of the research. Putting faces to the data meant that while designing the Forgotten No More Boys Recovery Project, it wasn’t only larger trends and patterns in best-practice that influenced the programme. Instead,...

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Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Hagar’s Door

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A joke in one form or another has been circulating in certain social media circles of late, particularly amongst Australians open to these kinds of things: “Knock, Knock. “Who’s there? “An asylum seeker.” To which one then hears the sound of a lock clicking tight. Whatever one’s political leanings or thoughts on...

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The Art of Healing: Hong Kong Artists’ Visit to Hagar Cambodia

“I like the birds [in my picture] because they can fly free. I hope one day that I will be able to get a good job so that I can live freely too.” -Hagar Cambodia client and participant in the Creative Arts Program 19 young faces looked up in anticipation as...

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Overcoming the Past. Daring to Dream.

HAG_Vietnam_2010-889bw (1)
“I learned about myself, how to overcome difficulties, forgiveness and be a stronger person, as if I am a flower that has blossomed beautifully.” -Hanh, 16, survivor of sex trafficking   The room hummed with activity. Each woman, carefully handpicking pens and markers, putting ink to paper. A giggle. A sigh. A...

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When We Couldn’t Say No Anymore


by Amie Gosselin

We couldn’t say no anymore.

It was 2009. Hagar had been caring for women and girls in Cambodia for 15 years, time and experience maturing our approach to long-term care for victims of abuse.

But then the phone calls started.

The police at the station said, “I know you care...

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Living Life Beyond the Paycheck

 In May 2013, Shahrzad Mossanenzadeh, 25, left her home in Long Beach, California to take up a volunteer position as Visitor Coordinator with Hagar International in Phnom Penh. Shahrzad has a B.A in Anthropology from University of California Irvine.   How are you settling in Phnom Penh? I am doing well. I...

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Healing with Creativity: A Hagar Night of Yoga and Art

By Mandy Poon, Hagar Hong Kong volunteer On the evening of October 22nd, 55 guests arrived at The Space for an evening of vinyasa flow yoga with Claudia Whitney, May Nogoy, and DJ Jason Nogoy. A total of 75 guests joined after class for wine, canapés, a Hagar art show, and...

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The Unimaginable Wager; Risking It All for Freedom

A story about refugees in Cambodia by Michael Hirsch, Hagar Cambodia Refugee Project Manager This is impossible, but try: Imagine your country is wracked by civil war -- bombings, killings, missing persons, interrogations, imprisonments, displacement... Fear so palpable that you feel it in your empty gut, you see it in faces of children...

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10 Things I Learned about Human Trafficking

By Agnes Lam, Hagar Vietnam 1) Almost all the women and children victims we’ve encountered come from very broken families. Their family unit is not intact and often times extremely dysfunctional. For example, there are parents who have abused or sold their children and there are families suffering from debilitating...

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