Hagar Social Enterprise Group (HSEG) is a for-profit subsidiary of Hagar International. HSEG manages Hagar’s social enterprise investments, which provide sustainable training, employment opportunities and an empowering workplace environment for survivors of extreme human rights abuses. HSEG is a pioneer in social entrepreneurship with a 16-year history of social business development and cross-sector partnerships in Cambodia and Vietnam.

HSEG has two social enterprise investments in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam: Joma Bakery Café and Hagar Catering and Facilities Management. The Social Enterprise Director will lead the strategic expansion of HSEG’s social enterprise activities, including the development of a start-up social business in Afghanistan and new joint ventures in Southeast Asia.

The right candidate for Social Enterprise Director should be:
  • Entrepreneurial with a strong business development insight and commercial experience
  • Relentless and realistic, possessing how-to thinking and a passion for seeing ideas come to life
  • Passionate and committed to social justice
  • Creative and flexible; able to work in the “grey” area between the private
    sector and international development sector
  • Patient and cross-culturally competent, especially in Asian contexts
  • Able to coach, inspire and lead a team

Further Job Description

Please obtain documentation about the position by emailing jobs@hagarinternational.org with “Apply for Social Enterprise Director” in the subject line as soon as possible.

Applications will remain open until a qualified individual is appointed, preferably in the first quarter of 2013.