How student groups can transform broken lives
Education transforms lives. As a student, yourself, you can help break the cycle of poverty and abuse. Become an advocate. Engage your friends or organization. Support a child in school, and change a life.

Below are some steps for bringing Hagar to your school:

  • Introduce Hagar to the staff and students

Invite a guest speaker from Hagar, or contact us for materials that you can use.

  • Start a student club to raise awareness

Raise awareness about the human rights issues on which Hagar works and how Hagar helps survivors recover, by starting a student club at your school.

  • Select the fundraising event

As a school/student club decide what fundraising event you would like to complete. Some examples of events that could be run during a school day may include a fun carnival day, a community picnic or a fun run. After school events could include a quiz night or talent show with funds raised going to Hagar.

  • Inform your school community

At the beginning of the term that you will be fundraising in, write about Hagar in your school newsletter and let parents know that the school will hold a fundraising event with money raised going to Hagar. This will encourage discussion about Hagar and promote awareness of Hagar’s work.

  • Incorporate Hagar into your school’s curriculum

With the help of Hagar, ask teachers to plan some lessons during the term about different human rights issues (e.g. human trafficking, gender-based violence, etc.) that occur in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. These lessons should also include how Hagar works to address these issues.