Hagar International’s Internet Safety Campaign

On International Children’s Day (1st June 2017), Hagar International launched an Internet Safety Campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of the Internet, and provide guidelines for parents to safeguard their children in using the Internet, particularly in Cambodia.

In today’s Digital Age, children are exposed to different forms of dangers that are often hidden in the dark web. The rise in Internet use around the world, including Cambodia, highlights the need to equip and educate children to protect them from online exploitation.

  • 9 million in Cambodia use the internet for gaming, which is a key gateway for pedophiles to access children. That’s more people than the entire population of Phnom Penh.
  • 4 million people are on Facebook in Cambodia

Source: http://geeksincambodia.com/cambodias-digital-statistics-2016/


Watch Hagar’s new Online Safety video (in Khmer):



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