Hagar Staff Profile: Anoosha of Hagar Afghanistan



“When my children were still young, my husband passed away. I worked hard to be able to send my children to school so they would one day get a career. Girls without a career and money are too often teased and chased by lustful men. The Government is weak in controlling violence against women, so I decided to join Hagar because this organisation runs a fantastic program for women and children. Hagar provides survivors of trafficking, slavery and abuse with great services for protection and recovery, giving them hope and a life free of violence when they reintegrate into communities.

I work as a house mother at Hagar Transitional Care Centre, assisting clients in their recovery from trauma and ensuring that their every need is met. Hagar also provides advice and training to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in combating violence against women and have learnt so much about violence and threats that women experience in Afghanistan. Violence against women does not stop unless we have a responsible government in Afghanistan. But, change is slow and there must be change and eradication of violence within the Government first. I work with employees at MOWA who deliver solid workshops to ensure community-based change, where we explain the rights of women in the families as well as in the community. The program teaches them economic empowerment and self-defense too.” – Anoosha, house mother, Hagar Afghanistan