Your IV Chapter can help provide ‘Catch-up School’ for children from backgrounds of abuse and human trafficking. With your Chapter’s support, boys like Thi can become whole again:

Betrayed by the parents he loved, Thi was sold at age five. He was taken from Cambodia to Bangkok and forced to beg. Only 8, he endured two years of jail before coming to Hagar. Upon arrival he was traumatized, sick, and entirely uneducated. Now, Thi is catching up in school. He’s praised for his work ethic and good behavior.

Education transforms lives, dreams, and futures. A $600 scholarship from your Chapter can break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

When you join the One Chapter, One Child campaign, you commit to raise $600 which provides tuition, uniform, and transportation for one child in Hagar’s Catch Up school (called the Community Learning Center).

Here’s how to get started:

1. Watch this five-minute video to see the school in action.
All children enrolled are delayed in their studies, and over 90% of them successfully complete two grades each year! For a DVD version of the video, just contact us.

2, Share Hagar presentation with script of children’s stories, so your chapter knows how they can transform lives. Request the presentation.

3. Determine your fundraising plan. Here’s a list of ideas.

4. Contact us for hard-copy materials, including giving envelopes.

5. Hold a benefit concert, organize a walk/run, or take an offering from your IV group: if 30 students give $20 each, it supports a child for a whole year.

6. Give online or send checks to Hagar USA, c/o Town Bank, P.O. 180620, Delafield, WI 53018.

7. Stay engaged by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

Read some testimonies here.

Education transforms lives, dreams, and futures. When your Chapter supports a child, you help break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Here are some frequently asked questions.

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Our child protection policies don’t allow us to share the real idenity of the children who your Chapter supports.