A life that is beginning to heal can begin to grow.

Most women and children come to Hagar with little or no education. Hagar provides early childhood education, formal schooling and scholarships for collegiate-level education. Women receive literacy education, vocational skills, career counseling and on-the-job training.

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By providing education and employment opportunities for women, Hagar empowers each woman to grow in confidence and provide for herself and her family with dignity. And every child educated will have choices and opportunities in the future. Because that’s what it takes to restore broken lives to wholeness.

One example of how Hagar empowers women:

Personal Development Training, Vietnam

Joma Bakery Café is Hagar’s enterprise partner in Vietnam. They provide dignified employment opportunities for women from Hagar programs in Vietnam through cafés and wholesale business.

Before being employed at Joma, Hagar Vietnam clients complete six weeks of in-house intensive personal development and job training. Then, they attend vocational training for hospitality services at a partner organization. These training courses allow marginalized women an opportunity to be gainfully employed at businesses such as Joma, where career progression and personal growth are an important part of the work environment. For many, this is their first exposure to safe and dignified work.

It isn’t just about a pay check, although that’s important. It’s about women and youth from Hagar having the opportunity to take control of their futures—to be a part of their families and to contribute to workplaces and communities with confidence.

Visit Joma’s website to learn more.