Belonging and contributing to a community is crucial to becoming whole.

Hagar assists women and children to successfully integrate into the community of their choice by reconciling or reconnecting with family or finding a loving foster home.

By working with families, friends, churches and communities, Hagar creates a healthy, safe and supportive environment for women and children to go home and live happily among loved ones.

Because that’s what it takes to restore broken lives to wholeness.

  • Once tricked and sold across the border to China, Minh is rebuilding her life. Read her story.
  • In Cambodia, foster families like the Vorns are the critical link to family and community for many children from Hagar. Read more about the Vorns.
  • Lighthouse, Hagar’s Transitional Care Centre in Afghanistan is a safe place for women who cannot go home. Learn more about the Lighthouse.
  • Hagar’s Transitional Care facility in Vietnam supports each individual through their transition back to community meeting basic needs such as health care, housing, financial support, childcare, and emotional and psychological support. Learn more about Hagar Vietnam.
  • Transitional Care is a key focus of Hagar’s work – helping to reintegrate into the community those who’ve suffered abuse- through family foster care, kinship programs, and group homes. Donate Now.