The Hard Truth About Recovery

hard truth

The accusation is trafficking, the venue is a Cambodian court, the accused is a Hagar leader. At stake is the custody of a child who needs to stay safe and anonymous. How did it happen? Because, sometimes when a child is a key witness in a trial and the...

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Poverty is Not The Issue

poverty not the issue

"Why was she trafficked?"

"Because she came from a poor village...."

This kind of language seems ubiquitous in the rising conversation about trafficking around the world.  Somehow its becoming acceptable to blame trafficking on poverty and label poverty reduction programmes as prevention measures.

I am not a technical expert with a trail of...

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My Dream Fulfilled


Today, I am a business woman and I am proud of myself.

I am 38 years old and I live with my five children.

In the past, whenever I encountered trouble I always thought of killing myself. That was the only solution I could think of.

My husband would drink and then...

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Becoming Human Again

bcoming human

My friends and family used to call me energetic.

Happy go-lucky.

But my first husband beat the life out of me. I was 13.

He could have been my grandfather. He sold me when he got tired of me. Like a cow. Or a camel. After raping me, the next man sold...

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A Whole New Future for Sarom


Sarom is in her mid-40s and has found new life and freedom at Hagar, despite her abusive marriage in the past.

Living in a rental apartment with her children near Hagar's women's shelter, Sarom works as a housekeeper and cleaner for Hagar.

With her monthly income, she is able to support...

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