Amena’s Story



“When someone gets married her life should change for the better, but when I got married, my life changed for worse.”

Before she got married, Amena’s dream of married life was that of a happy,loving and safe environment. But her dreams were shattered the day she became a wife. Her...

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Hagar International’s Global Board welcomes Phil Badger as New Chair


Phil Badger’s grounding in the financial sector has formed the basis of a broad commercial business career. Over the last few years, Phil has been involved in Senior Management and Governance roles within finance and distribution, moving into Director and Chairman roles around New Zealand. Phil is a Professional Director...

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Angkor Wat Half-Marathon 2016



For survivors of trafficking and abuse who were among Hagar’s team of more than 50 runners from all over the world, running the Angkor Wat Half-Marathon on December 4, 2016 in Siem Reap was a fun, successful and truly memorable experience! Runners also had the opportunity to hear first-hand from Hagar...

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Sophea’s Story

From the start, Sophea’s life was not easy.

“My mother was cruel and hit me whenever I did something wrong. At times I thought she might not be my real mother because she was so cruel towards me. My father was the only one who showed me love.”

Then one day...

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Hagar’s Capacity-building Project In North West Cambodia

Hagar’s team in northwestern Cambodia is carrying out vital work by providing community-based training on human trafficking and domestic violence in the country to communities with survivors of gender-based violence and human rights' abuse.   [embed]    

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