resize Melissa_Petros_2013Melissa Petros
Executive Director, Hagar Hong Kong

Melissa Petros joined Hagar in 2013 to start Hagar Hong Kong. Melissa has worked in public service and international development over the past ten years, including more than six years in Southeast Asia. Most recently, Melissa was the Industry and Corporate Relations Manager for the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, and previously she worked in Bangkok at the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. She holds a Master of Public Administration degree in International Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy from New York University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. “I’m passionate about the work that Hagar does because it is easy to see the complete transformation that clients undergo as a result of the caring and supportive community that Hagar builds around them. The Hagar model works, and this is something that I know will resonate in Hong Kong. I am excited to help others become as committed to supporting Hagar’s work as I am.” Melissa was born in Singapore and grew up in the United States. She moved to Hong Kong in 2012 to join her husband.

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