Oanh’s Story


Oanh, a 31-year-old young lady comes from a poor family from a mountainous area. She is the only one in the family born with disabilities. She is hunch-backed and blind in one eye. Her childhood was full of tears and fear from being badly treated by her mother and brother...

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Ryma’s Story


Ryma owns one of the most popular hair and beauty salons in town. Although it’s a new venture, Ryma is full of hope for how it will provide for her in the future. She didn't have that sense of hope when she first came to Hagar.

Ryma grew up in a...

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Monessa’s Story


My father used to abuse me. It began when I was 8, and I didn’t know he was not my real father. Coming from school and being alone with my abuser was worse than seeing my own grave.


That was not the worst. The worst was when he threatened me to...

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Hau’s Story


A year ago, Hagar Vietnam received an emergency call in the middle of the night. It was from Hau, a 37 year old woman who had woken up to her drunk husband turning their house upside down. Hau feared for her life, he was violent and unpredictable. When her husband...

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Zaher’s Story


“One day, I will be back with my family again. I’ll be an engineer and serve my people. I will improve my family’s situation when I am a man.” Zaher, 11 year old boy, at the Forgotten No More project

Zaher grew up in Kabul with his parents, two sisters and...

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Nhi’s Story

Nhi is a proud mother of two. Her journey has not been easy, but she is tenacious, resilient, and a fast learner. In January of 2016, Nhi’s husband, a man who she loved, sexually abused their two young children. This was the breaking point for Nhi - after years of...

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Navi’s Story

    Navi grew up in a province about two and a half hours away from Phnom Penh with her mother, stepfather, and two half-sisters. Her stepfather married her mother when she was three years old. He’s the only father Navi has ever known and Navi has never felt any different from...

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Hiep’s Story


Hiep grew up in the mountains of Northern Vietnam. Hagar staff still remember the first time they visited her at home after she called the Hagar hotline. They arrived in Hiep’s village just before sunset, and then had to walk another hour to find her house. The only way they...

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Naomi’s Story

  Growing up in Cambodia’s remote northeast region, Naomi remembers playing in the trees, cool fresh mornings that smelled like rubber, red earth roads, lush greenery, and rolling hills. However, life wasn’t easy for her. Schooling was limited and Naomi had to work in the fields to help her mother. After her...

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Longdy’s Story


Longdy (second from the left)

Longdy had a very difficult life as a child. When he was about 3 years old, he lost the use of his legs to polio. However he still needed to help his mother with her small business selling Khmer noodles. So, he did not have the...

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