Tran’s Story



Tran was a model student at a local secondary school in the south of Vietnam. She was engaged in school activities, was well-loved by her teachers and peers, and dedicated herself to her studies. This all changed when at the age of 12, she was raped multiple times by a 17-year-old boy, and fell pregnant from the final abuse. When Tran joined Hagar Vietnam, her son was 5 months old.

At first, Tran began using Hagar’s counselling services, as she had been traumatized by the incidents. Her memories of the experiences would come as vivid flashbacks, causing her to suffer from insomnia, and faint when talking about the abuse to counselors. Tran also had to stand in front of court and face her perpetrator. Through the assistance of Hagar, Tran and her family were provided legal and psychological support before and after the court case.

Tran is happy that she has her family around her, with Hagar providing counselling and protection for the entire family. Next year, Tran will return to school as she wishes. She believes education is the best way for her and her son to build their future. With Hagar’s support, Tran has hope for her future, which she once had thought was out of reach.